I’m back!

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First I’d like to post an entry in English to apologise for the abandonment. But I’m now back stronger and more motivated that I’ve ever been!
At lot has happened this past few months, and lot a more is coming in the next few ones also. For those of you who were not aware, I moved, came back in France. I thought it would be just a stop before I left for Africa, but as you know things don’t always go as I plan them. Various reasons led me to accept an 8 months work position (needed the money). Because of that I had to live in the Parisian suburbs until the end of September before I can finally fly over to Africa.
It was all not bad, because it allowed me to see people I hadn’t seen in forever (granted not all of them but I’ll be back so….), solve some family issues, create new ones, discover new landscapes, rediscover forgotten places, party, be there for quite a few births (is it me or everyone decided to have babies this year?) and to eat, eat, and eat again…
to realise that Paris is really not the city for me, and to smile because it was fun while it lasted.
Most importantly it allowed me to rest, think and plan my trip with a rested mind. Leaving for an adventure is all fun and games but I now feel reassured to know that I can take care of myself over there, and that I know how and where exactly I’m going.
Plus I’ll have new travel companions with me that we’re not planned, and now from a simple trip to Ghana it has extended into a trip of several months in Western Africa, with stops in 5 or 6 different countries where I’ll be joined with people I met all over the place and at different times of my life…
I also have a second trip coming up but that’s for another poste.
The next 6 months will be nothing but discoveries, meetings, travels, and seeing where life takes us.
Great ain’t it?
Idris agrees… 🙂
One of the things that I also wanted to do during this long break of mine, was to really think of where I wanted to take this blog, my projects and my life.
My goal in creating this blog was note to have it become my diary, nor give you guys my life story but to tell you about my journey towards self discovery. My life takes me from the West Indies to Africa, and this leads to quite a few questions on identity, culture and representation…
Plus, I suck in English why did I decide to write in English in the first place?
So from now on I will write in french and a very dear friend of mine kindly accepted to do the translation. (Thank you Dreydrey, you rock girl!)
Anyway lack of trust in oneself and her best friend “demotivation” soon plagued me, so much so that, I, who had a head full of ideas and questions, soon found myself wondering “what if no one is interested?”
What if…? What if…?
Truth is I’m not writing for people to take an interest in me. I write to debate and question things. I write because because I feel OUR voices are not heard enough, us uprooted children.
To summarise: who am I? Where am i from? What am I?
These are the questions that I’ve asked and I’m still asking myself sometimes as an Haitian girl, who is also French naturalised. I’m sure lots of us are in this case.
I write to put an end to some clichés people have and break some taboos. But I mainly right to share my travels, my view of life, my favourites, and mostly my love for Africa.
People are shocked when I say I don’t feel French, I lie when I say I feel a 100% Haitian, if I were to say I’m completely African it’d be like burying my head in the sand, but the fact is that I’ll never pass off as a pure European wherever I go.
Do I feel like all these culture are part of me? Of course.
In the end I’ll write post that you’ll find interesting or not, that some will relate with and others not, some will have an eye opening experience, others won’t care.
And you know what? I’m okay with that.
I’ll write on the subjects that I found interesting, on everything that gets caught in my weird brain waves. While we’re at it let’s get on thing out, I’m not claiming to have all the answers, nor judge or pretend to teach you a lesson, I’m opened to critiscim, and even more to constructive debates.
As time goes by, and my trip approches, I’ll be posting more regularly. I’ve started to equip myself so I can share the most with you guys and I can’t wait?
Who else is with me??

French version here