Ghana Fashion Awards


With a dozen of fashion events every year and some of the most talented fashion designers of the continent, the country of Ghana is unavoidable on the African fashion scene.

Last night occurred the 6th edition of the Ghana Fashion Award, one month after the ghanaian fashion week.

Created in 2010, this event has for goal for award winners to get the award home, but for all people nominated on the final day to get the opportunity to showcase their works to the public. Thereby encouraging business transactions and economic empowerment in the future. »

They want to enable the ghanaian fashion designers to achieve economic freedom. The Ghana Fashion Awards is, first of all, a platform for the nominees to develop their network and create business opportunities.

They award 9 prices in the following categories :

  • Designer of the year
  • Emerging designer of the year
  • Accessories Designer of the year (jewellery/ beads)
  • Accessories designer of the year (Bags, shoes, bow tie, hair bands)
  • Fashion Photographer of the year
  • Male model of the year / Female model of the year
  • Male fashion celebrity Icon of the year / Female fashion celebrity Icon of the year

We will focus in the two first prices : Designer of the year and Emerging designer of the year.

  1. Designer of the Year

In this category three brands were nominated :

Abrantie : « a social Lifestyle and unique fashion brand empowering the African man to be well cultured and classic.”Abrantie” is a local word literally meaning “GENTLEMAN”. I was pretty happy to discover this brand. In an industry flooded by female designers and creations it can be sometimes difficult for a man to find original and unique African inspired quality clothing pieces.

The Second Nominee and my personal favorite for years : Christie Brown. Created by Aisha Obuobi in 2008, already won this price in 2011, and made the buzz in 2014 when queen Bee herself used their creations for her « Ms Carter Show » Tour. I will post a particular article on the brand and its creator on a next article.

And the winner of this category is Sima Brew.

2016 has been a particularly good year for Sima the creator of Sima Brew. Already winner of the Glitz Style Awards for Best Red Carpet Designer, she won last night the Ghana Fashion Awards for Designer of the year. Her renown comes to the fact that she has styled more celebs in Ghana than any other designer.

Her ‘touches’ on every celebrity has turned every red carpet in Ghana into an awe-inspiring ambiance.

I love her bridal collection that can make every woman wearing her dresses feels like a princess.

Congratulations on your award Sima Brew.

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2. Emerging designer of the year

In the category Emerging designer of the year we find  two nominees :

My personal crush this year is : Dami Rose. She started her brand end 2015 and is the new player on the field. Her 1st collection is breathtaking.

Former model passionate with fashion, her motto is :  Look beyond Creativity.

And the winner is Atto Tetteh an Urban Menswear brand which through innovation seeks to incorporate traditional designs into global trends. I appreciated especially their Tohazie Collection, based on the myth of Tohazie (the red hunter). As they describe it themselves this collection is inspired by strength, courage and empathy.

Here the full list of winners :

Emerging Designer – Ato Tetteh
Designer of the Year – Sima Brew
Accessory Designer of the Year (Jewelry & Beads) – Joyce Owusu (Purple Trendz)
Accessory Designer of the Year (Bags, Sandals, Hand Bags etc.) – Mpaboa
Male Fashion Celebrity Icons of the Year – Okyeame Kwame
Female Fashion Celebrity Icons of the Year – Sandra Ankobiah
Fashion Photographer of the Year – Duke Tetteh Quarshie
Male Model of the Year – Meek Ghartey
Ghana Fashion Awards Hall of Fame – Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design

Congratulations to them.

The Return To Salone



Fashion : The African Takeover

“Your life is your message to the world so make sure it’s inspiring” Sandi Mabasa

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One of the reason I fell in love with Africa is : the Fashion.

I can spend hours looking for the last tendencies, the newest creations or simply staring at a dress so amazed by the fact such a wonder actually exists in real life.

My absolute dream is to work for/with an African fashion designer. (Aisha Obuobi if you read me…)

Meanwhile I will try with this blog, at my humble level, to share with you my vision of African fashion and to introduce the Black fashion designers I like the most.

For about a decade we’ve seen emerging so many talented fashion designers from the continent and, for our greatest pleasure, they changed the face of the fashion industry.

Fashion weeks are created everywhere in Africa (Accra, Dakar, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Soweto…) and African fashion weeks come in addition to the traditional ones in the most fashion-leading cities in the world (Paris, New York, London, Berlin..)

It is a refreshing explosion of colours, patterns, forms, cuts and there are exceptional platforms where the most talented fashion designers from Africa and the diaspora can finally showcase their creations and share to the world the beauty and creativity of the long-time put aside continent.

Fashion is not only dictated by the western world standards anymore but also by the vibrant and colourful creations coming from the black continent.

More and more celebrities rely on African designer either for their personal wardrobe (like Alicia Keys, Lupita Nyong’o, Solange, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and many more…) or for professional purpose like Beyonce who used the services of the Ghanaian fashion designer Aisha Obuobi designer of the brand Christie Brown on her “The Ms Carter Show” World Tour in  2014 for her dancers’ dresses.



Aware of this trend, Western fashion brands are showing an increasing interest in using African fabrics.

“Fashion is an excellent way to promote the creativity of Africa and to shape a different image of the continent that is not reduced to poverty and animals, but includes all diverse aspects of our life,” Auma Obama said in Berlin.

The sister of the soon-to-be former US president said it all. Fashion is a way to change the narrative about the continent and to show the world the unlimited potential and inspirations of its creators.

On the other hand, even if the visibility of their product is indubitably growing for African designers based in Africa or in Europe, they still have to face different challenges.

The interest for African creations may grow in the western countries, it is still problematic for African creators to find a viable market directly on the continent.

Along with productivity issues (African way of production can’t compete with giant like H&M…), high international competitiveness, theft of creations due to the difficulties to apply the concept of intellectual property in Africa where a lot of people know how to sew and copy well-known designers models, the industry experiences now  the arrival of an ocean of designers making it difficult to stand out.

The African fashion stage seems nowadays to have so many actors playing thaton it that it is easy to get lost.

Some websites like Pagnifik (french) try to put some clarity by creating a repertoire classed by country, but it is still very incomplete.

A lot of effort and collaboration has to be put in place in order to fully exploit the increasing demand for an alternative to traditional fashion.

African fashion is undoubtedly on the rise however, there are still many obstacles to overcome and we can undeniably say that it is just the beginning.

And now for your viewing pleasure :

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