My name is Neika. I am a young woman, who fell in love with Africa some years ago and decided to realize my dream to move to the motherland.

Allthough I am not the first to do so, I wanted to share her experience and bring my point of view on the matter to a larger audience.

“Salone” means “Sierra Leone” in krio, the creole language spoke by the first freed slaves arriving in Freetown in 1787. This is symbol of a newfound freedom and a return to the roots.

This is a name which spoke volumes to me who was born in Haiti, and who plan now to go back to Africa.

The blog is the diary of my journey, from the day I took this decision, until the day she would, eventually, achieve my goals.

“The Return to Salone” has for long-term ambition not only to be a blog but to become  a community to debate and bring testimony to issues such as the search of identity of young Africans and young Caribbeans, the rise of Africa as a continent in different fields such as Music, Art and Culture and Fashion.
The RTS wants to be a support not only to my story and vision of life but to a lot of untold or unheard stories  from the Caribbean sea to the African continent.

English is not my first language, so I apologize for the mistakes you will definitely find. Feel free to correct me if needed but I will try to do my best. 🙂