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Welcome to “The return to Salone”.

Let me tell you a story. The story of a young woman a little lost, a bit misunderstood, a bit crazy, but who figured out that life isn’t about what you have, what you’ve accomplished, who you know. Not even who you are. The most important thing is, when you die, before closing your eyes forever what do you want to say ? If you had one wish, what would it be?

You can think of so many answers. Love ? Money ? Fame ? Perfect Body ? Peace in the world ? Because you think all that will make you happy.

So you’re missing the point.

Being happy.

The only thing you want, we all want, in this life is to be happy.

This is why I am writing today. I made the decision, finally, to be fully committed to my happiness, and  to following my heart. Without letting fears, doubts or negativity get in the way.

On my deathbed, I want to say that I appreciated whatever life I lived because, I would have done everything in my power to live accordingly to my feelings and would have tried to accomplish what I wanted to, and not just what my family, or society or other people expected from me.

I am about to take one of the biggest risks and realize one of the biggest dreams of my life. And with this blog I want to share this incredible experience with you.

I want to write about my life, my success, my joys but also my doubts, my failures and my deceptions.

Maybe the life I think I want is not the life I really need, but I refuse to take the chance to miss the life I really need by doing nothing.

Today, I decided to leave everything behind, quit the security of a job, say goodbye to my friends and family and to the continent I have lived the biggest part of my life in, for a one-way trip.

To Africa.

Follow my adventures to see if I will achieve my goal. Follow me on Facebook & Twitter to be informed of every new post and update.

Disclaimer : English is not my native language. I apologize in advance for every mistake you will notice. Don’t hesitate to correct me if needed 🙂

🇫🇷 Version française : Ici

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